She Beckoned Me To Come Forth

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Lately we haven’t been spending enough time together

She whispered to me across the room as she lay gloriously next to the double glazed window where she takes pride of place. Her edges are broad yet soft to the touch, not overpowering but complimenting her surroundings. She glows frantically amongst the lead of fairy lights adorning her. Her pearly hues dance joyously across the room; those fairy lights providing a graphic milieu.

I starred longingly at the warp of yellow and grey stripped cotton sheets wrapped around her. They were a reminder of the sun that never transpired today and the grey state of affairs outside.

I know!!”

I whispered back as I unchanged.“Whatcan I say it has been a hectic month thus far, but fret not dear, I am here to stay today; all day and no one can get me away from you…

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Just a thought!

I see people making a fuss over trivial issues, cursing their existence and of course life when something bad comes up in their lives. I mean Why? Life for sure brings in a tonnes of happiness too but expecting the same every time is utterly irrational and impractical. Sometimes you need to understand certain things that only can come by experiencing some unfortunate circumstances. Of course happy times have their own charm and bad times have their own lessons.

My dear folks life is nothing but  a roller coaster. It has its own ups and downs. It does not at all mean that you start cursing your existence or life just because of a few bad experiences. Sometimes life gives you such experiences only to make you realize some aspects that you might have not been familiar with. Life’s a beautiful gift by God and one should value it , make the most of it, and must regard it in high esteem and instead should try to comprehend the gist of whatever ,be it good or bad, comes up in their lives. Do not ever forget that the way you live your life is the way you see it! Almost everyone gets thrilled and starts to feel blessed when things go their way or in any way favorable to them which in turn also alters their outlook on life but when that same life brings in a little chaos in their life, those very same people doubts on their existence, on their life and questions God as to why are they being subjected to this. I don’t understand what the HOOPLA is all about! Why can’t people have a practical outlook on life? When you can understand the purpose behind some happy moments.. then why can’t you grasp the meaning of any bad experience? Both after all paves way into your life through God’s will, then why do you doubt and lose faith when HE burdens you a little yet accept HIS bounties with a wide accepting grin.

What EL James and Stephanie Meyer THINK!!!

This is so hell true!

Abida Batool

EL James popularly known as the author of  “50 Shades of Gray” and Stephanie Meyer of romantic series of novel “Twilight Saga”; leave behind a common trace in their writings. They, both of them, indicate in their characters and their natures somewhat frequent and yet appealing facet.

Be it ‘Ana Steele’ from 50 Shades or ‘Bella Swan’ from Twilight, the pair has a really stubborn nature which often gets dominant over their boyfriends. The one and other cannot eat and even then have this terribly hot figure. The reason of  marking of these facets is not because I dislike such work of great thinking but to show to all those girls who madly read such stuff and imagine, should not skip the reality show. The consequent fact that millions of girls out there have no strength to ‘not eat’ like women of mentioned books. They may not want to break…

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Cinderella 2014! ;)

I was lost, utterly confused,way too grumpy, sulking every now and then. I did not know where in the world I belonged, who in the Gods name I am. However, one thing i was sure as hell that I don’t want an OBSCURE life. And.. And then tadaaaaaa, a fairy godmother popped up, gave me an ultimatum ” I hereby grant you the ultimate chance to explore, to find the real YOU before the clock struck 12, be it late, and I’ll turn you intro a frog”. I shuddered! I shivered! But then i decided not to give up! I gathered all my wits, my visions, my goals… I started to Dream. I at last started to LIVE Enjoy.. to savor every moment life brought in for me, I began to cherish each and every second I had in that particular time. I began to carve memories..began to scribble my thoughts, i framed myself into words for the world to see who really I am!!

Upon realizing that something inside me needs to get enlightened, something inside me actually lives and dreams big, and then here I began this journey of playing with words.. And that’s how i found a ray of light in a dark tunnel.. I found a silver lining in a dark cloud! in those 24 hours I found my CHARM! :’)

To sum up, I discovered the Real Me

Cinderella found herself!
Cinderella found bliss and lived happily ever after :’)