Cinderella 2014! ;)

I was lost, utterly confused,way too grumpy, sulking every now and then. I did not know where in the world I belonged, who in the Gods name I am. However, one thing i was sure as hell that I don’t want an OBSCURE life. And.. And then tadaaaaaa, a fairy godmother popped up, gave me an ultimatum ” I hereby grant you the ultimate chance to explore, to find the real YOU before the clock struck 12, be it late, and I’ll turn you intro a frog”. I shuddered! I shivered! But then i decided not to give up! I gathered all my wits, my visions, my goals… I started to Dream. I at last started to LIVE Enjoy.. to savor every moment life brought in for me, I began to cherish each and every second I had in that particular time. I began to carve memories..began to scribble my thoughts, i framed myself into words for the world to see who really I am!!

Upon realizing that something inside me needs to get enlightened, something inside me actually lives and dreams big, and then here I began this journey of playing with words.. And that’s how i found a ray of light in a dark tunnel.. I found a silver lining in a dark cloud! in those 24 hours I found my CHARM! :’)

To sum up, I discovered the Real Me

Cinderella found herself!
Cinderella found bliss and lived happily ever after :’)



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