Just a thought!

I see people making a fuss over trivial issues, cursing their existence and of course life when something bad comes up in their lives. I mean Why? Life for sure brings in a tonnes of happiness too but expecting the same every time is utterly irrational and impractical. Sometimes you need to understand certain things that only can come by experiencing some unfortunate circumstances. Of course happy times have their own charm and bad times have their own lessons.

My dear folks life is nothing but  a roller coaster. It has its own ups and downs. It does not at all mean that you start cursing your existence or life just because of a few bad experiences. Sometimes life gives you such experiences only to make you realize some aspects that you might have not been familiar with. Life’s a beautiful gift by God and one should value it , make the most of it, and must regard it in high esteem and instead should try to comprehend the gist of whatever ,be it good or bad, comes up in their lives. Do not ever forget that the way you live your life is the way you see it! Almost everyone gets thrilled and starts to feel blessed when things go their way or in any way favorable to them which in turn also alters their outlook on life but when that same life brings in a little chaos in their life, those very same people doubts on their existence, on their life and questions God as to why are they being subjected to this. I don’t understand what the HOOPLA is all about! Why can’t people have a practical outlook on life? When you can understand the purpose behind some happy moments.. then why can’t you grasp the meaning of any bad experience? Both after all paves way into your life through God’s will, then why do you doubt and lose faith when HE burdens you a little yet accept HIS bounties with a wide accepting grin.


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