November blues!

Hello November,

A warm welcome to the first chilly winds from my side! Ahh.. . How I love winters!

It is hard to believe the swiftness which the time has flown by with. It feels as if 2015 just started, but hey 2016 is just around the corner.

Look whose talking! What difference does the year make to you Zoha? You haven’t changed much or to be more precise, your life’s still a mess, you bed’s a mess, you hair a mess, YOU are still a mess.

“What’s my fault?” It’s you and only you! And no one else, do you hear me?

Now what have I got to do with this? I am just an A-level.

“Just an Alevel?

You see this bed? Its laiden with your books.

You see this hair of mine? Under it, my skull, is on border, battling with a zillion of concepts you have got.

You see me and my life? It’s messed up, because … .”

“Umm, alright. I guess I must get back in your bag, See you soon”

Can’t wait for 2016 to arrive and get rid of you! *SIGH*

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