What’s New?

Where wide variety of international cosmetic brands like L’Oreal,Kiko, Bourjois,Mac and so on….are quite popular and trusted among the masses, some of the newly brands established by makeup-artists and entrepreneurs are surely to look for. The following brands are arguably growing in popularity and are now being added to the list of “must haves” among make-up lovers.

Massarat Misbah Make-up (MM):

Massarat Misbah, an entrepreneur and beautician of international fame turned philanthropist, came up with this spectacular range back in 2014 with a promise “commited to pure beauty”. This range encompasses answer to the very common dilemma of every makeaholic, are the ingredients safe for the skin? Is it paraben free? Well, MM make-up range is not only manufactured with highest quality ingredients , but in fact the ingredients used are Halal (Halal is an Arabic word meaning “Permissible” or “Lawful”), thereby making it the first ever Halal certified brand in Pakistan and is also absolutely free of parabens.

Artist of Makeup (AOM):

The name was coined by its founder, Zukreat Nazar, who is an international celebrity make-up and hair artist based in the UK having an experience of more than 16 years. In addition to this, she is an active and a popular beauty You-Tuber having more than 88,000 subscribers. With a huge fan-following of more than 303,000 on Facebook, 426k followers on Instagram, she is reigning the hearts of millions both through charismatic personality and the ever so gorgeous make-up line.

Ardere Cosmetics (London) & Lashionary:

The YouTube sensation Amenakin is the co-founder of this range alongside Paula Durance, who is a professional MUA. This cosmetic line happens to be cruelty-free and does not contain any animal derivatives at all. With its unique formulation and exquisite color range, this brand is sure to become a huge success in near future. Besides this, Amenakin is an entrepreneur and founder of Pearl-daisy, a boutique which sells Hijab, accessories and clothing.

There is more to this wonder girl, with “on the road to success” cosmetic line and an already “successful” boutique, this woman has managed to add another feather in her hat with a premium false-lashes company. “Lash lover”, as she calls herself, came up with the “Lashionary” line offering cruelty free, reusable and light-weight luxurious lashes vowed to satisfy every fellow lash lover. The falsies ranges from natural to dramatic and each pair comes up with a complimentary latex free and water-based eyelash adhesive which offers incredible eyelash support.

Saleha Beauty:

The stunning Saleha beauty, a renowned pro international make-up artist and entrepreneur based in Chicago IL, founded this makeup line along with her husband. The range happens to be put together with the finest ingredients and is cruelty-free. Saleha is closely related to the very eminent Pakistani TV actress and former model Javeria Abbasi.

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