The 4-minutes!

Miss Universe 2015! How those 4 minutes turned the cards for both Miss.Colombia and Miss.Philippines.

We are very well aware of the mistake committed by Steve Harvey at Miss Universe 2015 pageant. One mere human error changed lives of two women. A heart mended while the other broke.

As this went on to become a breaking news, I was busy pondering over the game life plays. One minute everything is fine, and the other minute you don’t know what’s coming to you. Gosh! Life’s so unpredictable!

For some, this news was a matter of jest, for me it was an eye-opener! Miss.Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, you stole my heart! You taught me how to embrace a situation with elan, to maintain your composure no matter what comes, and be proud of what you so far has achieved. You taught me how to wink to the exam life conducts and score an A.

I thank you for giving me a new perspective to deal life with and for proving that it is you who makes or breaks yourself. You either can drown and emotionally drain yourself or sail through the tragedies of life and do wonders. Thank you for showing the world that the power lies with no one but you, it is you who decide whether or not you will let yourself down.

I congratulate Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach for bagging the crown and I wish you success and more opportunities at your door. 🙂



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