Makeup Revolution London Wow! (Powder) Blush – Review


This January seriously will get me swooned! *sigh*

Anyhoo, lets get to the point! 25th January’16 is the day when I am going to share my first ever blush experience with you guys. *okay I know that was a bit dramatic*

This product comes in a discoid shape and has a transparent lid which gives you that idea in one instant whether or not you want to go with the color with whatever make-up look you have created. It is light-weight, travel-friendly and has a secure tight-closing cover. To me, the packaging is really cute and appealing and the only downside is that it does not contain a mirror.


The pigmentation is really good; one swirl and voila! It gives off adequate product for you to put on and pull of the look. People with fair or wheat-ish complexion will rock this blush. If I talk about its texture, well then it is one finely-milled and soft. It is not at all powdery if you are wondering, and does not give that chalky feeling. In fact, it blends well and pays off a good matte and natural finish. It does not look as if you have tonnes of make-up on. The color pay off is extremely natural and light and if you are sporting that “no make-up, make-up look”, then bingo, this is your ultimate savior.

Now the major point, whether or not it has good longevity, well then the answer is yes! But keep in mind what works for me might not work for you. To be honest, it does not at all fade off me throughout the day. However, it might stay up to good 5-6 hours for you and with a primer on, it’s longevity can be stretched up to a bit longer.

I got mine from for PKR 225. For such a price, this drugstore brand really did impress me.

Would I repurchase/recommend Makeup Revolution London Wow! Blush?

A big yes! If you are looking for a good quality blush yet with an affordable price tag, then give it a shot 🙂


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Alan Rickman, giant of British screen and stage, dies at 69

World of Horror


Alan Rickman, one of the best-loved and most warmly admired British actors of the past 30 years, has died in London aged 69. His death was confirmed on Thursday by his family who said that he died “surrounded by family and friends”. Rickman had been suffering from cancer.

Alan Rickman: the most loyal, playful and generous of friends | Katharine Viner
A star whose arch features and languid diction were recognisable across the generations, Rickman found a fresh legion of fans with his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films.

Cast and crew on those movies were among the first to pay tribute to the actor. In a lengthy post, Daniel Radcliffe wrote that Rickman was “one of the greatest actors I will ever work with” as well as “one of the loyalest and most supportive people I’ve ever met in the film industry”.

JK Rowling, who wrote…

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An All-rounder- Review Post

January 12th! Woah, it took so long to get back here.. *Phew*

It’s been a tough, tough tough week!!! Studies, my aunt’s urgent wedding preparations, exam results, and and and January is Birth-uary for me:D I have a bunch of birthdays of family and friends in this month. So yes, it is frenzy here in my life, at my home 😀

Anyhoo, let’s get to the point 😀 Today, I have this “all rounder” to share my review on. Before I reveal what it is, I’d like to elaborate why I declared it as an “all rounder”. Well lovelies, at such an affordable price you couldn’t ask for more. This is an essential product for almost all the MUAs out there and is ruling the beauty circle. This is my friends our very own “LA PRO Conceal – HD concealer”, *claps* 😀


Just as food is a staple for our body, concealer is a staple for my face if I make sense :P.. I know this was weird :D. Well, I have shade “Natural” as highlighter and concealer and “Beautiful bronze” for contour. And I hereby declare my love for both :D. The “Natural” provides medium coverage and brightens up my under eyes really well and “Beautiful bronze” gives out that perfect chiseled look.These concealers photograph really very well!
If I talk about its formula, its neither too thick nor too thin and I quite like it. It never gives that cake-y appeal under my eyes and upon setting it lasts for quite a time. It has this fluid-like consistency which makes it super easy to apply and blend. Throughout the day, I did not experience it fading out or giving that creased look. I strongly recommend to set it in order to prevent creasing and that sticky feel under your eyes.
If you have got a dry skin, you’ll love it since it has a hydrating formula and does not stick to any of the dry patches.
For contour, do not go overboard while applying the product and do not over-blend it for you will end up having that orange cast on your face. Make sure you apply the right amount of product and blend it well and bingo!

The only downside to this product is its applicator. Though it doles out the product smoothly, it may end up wasting a bit of product every time you use it, so yes be careful whilst squeezing for it takes a moment for the product to come out and when it does, man! you may end up having loads.

All in all, for a price of PKR 620, it is the best of concealers out there in the market. Trust me when I say it won’t disappoint you! 😉

See you next time, Xo!

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What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara – Review

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2016’s first review-post of mine 😀 *Woot woot*

Today, I am going to share my experience with the ”Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara”. Well lovelies, Maybelline is one drugstore brand that *hands down* is one of my most favourite brand for Mascaras! They have amazing Mascaras and trust me when I say, no matter what Mascara I have used from this brand, it has always managed to surprise me for good. 12468007_1012636568793083_164332636_nn.jpg

There is something I would like to put forward before I begin my review. First and foremost, remember! Mascaras are only meant to enhance your natural lashes. When it comes to mascaras, it is not only the product on which the result depends on but also your eyelashes. The results depend on how thick your lashes are and in addition to this, the length of your eyelashes is another major factor. Secondly, what proves to be suitable for my eyelashes may not suit yours. The suitability is interrelated with the above first stance, I mentioned and also factors like, climate and your skin type. If you have a humid climate and an oily skin, some mascaras might not suit you while some may. My suggestion in such a case is to go for a good waterproof formula for better results.

Anyhoo, let’s begin the review 🙂

Packaging: The packaging is sturdy and glamorous! I loved the bold colors used. Electric blue with shocking-pink makes an attractive combo.12463734_1012640038792736_557778046_nnn

My thoughts: I have been using this mascara for long and yeah I love it! It is not at all flaky and above all, with this mascara I faced minimal clump-age. Yay!

I have this problem with me that often when I use mascara, I feel as if I put on some weights on my eyes but with this I feel quite light. It has this lightweight formula which pays off a good finish without making you feel burdened on the eyes. It holds the curls of the lashes really very well and lasts all day. Considering the climate here in Karachi which is hot the most of the year, this product does not disappoint for it does not smudge, so yes no panda eyes :D. I sometimes wear eye-lenses, and this product does not bring up any obstacle and I sport my lenses with this mascara comfortably.

I, naturally, have thin lashes, and this mascara adds up quite a nice volume as well as length to them. My sister has got some real thick lashes, and when she applies this mascara, oh my! it looks as if she has some falsies on.

To many, removal of this mascara seems quite tough, but for me, I think a good oil-based remover does the job! It is no rocket science to get rid of this mascara at the end of the day. All you need is the right make-up remover, or olive oil can be your savior! 🙂

Have you tried the Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express? Thoughts?

See you next time!

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