Flight 7500


This is what me and my cousin had been throughout this movie, “Flight 7500“.

It was the weekend and my cousin came to spend it with me. We had some errand, but luck wasn’t in our favour and we were much to our disappointment unable to make it. Anyhoo, everything happens for a reason, so if something does not happen your way, my friend, see the brighter side and be positive 🙂 I try and do the same; recommends the same!

I am not a movie person until some one is with me 😀 So, since my cousin-sister was here, I grabbed the opportunity and treated myself to a movie night and wohoo! IT WAS A DISASTER! *oops*

And as it ended, we felt like ending our lives too. I mean, why does it have to end like this?

I am not going to reveal much other than that it involves a plane possessed by some supernatural force. Over to you people!

I bet you would feel the same as we did whilst watching the end.

Know what was the best part of the movie?…. . Well, they were the french-fries made by me, hehe 😀

Please don’t hate me when you watch this movie! I am a pretty nice person at heart with just a bad movie day so I had to unleash it somewhere, hehe 😀


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Twitter: @Zoyie23.


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