Mustela Pakistan – Review

Hello!!! 🙂

Well guys, this is an overdue post coming to you all. It’s been quite a time when Mustella sent me a care package to try and test. Since they were meant for babies, mothers and mothers to be, I saved them up for my sister to try. She was out of town and has only just got back. She is a gorgeous mother of two adorable kids; that makes me an aunt of two ^_^.

Before I begin the review, let me tell you that Mustela is an international brand all the way from France which has recently touched down to Pakistan. It deals extensively in baby and mother’s skin care products.


Now, bringing you the thoughts about the care package straight from the horse’s mouth,

“It was a good experience to shift from my previous baby and mother care brand to Mustela. Firstly, let me just highlight the package’s packaging, very creative and I absolutely loved the bow. The products itself were quite convincing as I did not feel any irritations on my skin or on both my babies. I will most certainly purchase the deluxe sizes as I loved the fact that it is paraben free, hence absolutely safe. I recommend these to all the mothers out there. Mustela is here to stay!”


Mustela is now available nationwide :). For more information and details visit or visit Mustelapk on Instagram.

My sister loved the products. Do you?

Until next time,




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