A Mini Haul from MyGerrys – Hit or Miss?

Hey guys!!!

Soooo, another week passed without a post 😦 I wonder what is wrong with me.
Anyhoo, I am back and will defo try to maintain my previous consistent approach.

I kid you not when I say I am not at all a market rambler. Hard to believe? I understand since many are only comfortable with going to markets and physically feel the quality and all. In my case, I am rather comfortable with the *click* *click* *click* philosophy :D. I love shopping from the comfort of my home and feel extremely paranoid in the markets and get overly irritated whilst shopping. Yes, there are days when I do feel like going to markets, but only when I need some footwear or something in a product that I suspect might bring me a problem; so to be on the safe side, I make my way into the markets much to my chagrin. But guys, such days are rare, online shopping always is my first priority :D.

A few days back, I was looking for some reliable outlet to shop a few things I have been eyeing on since like ages. Reliable as in both secure shipping and of course the price. And that’s when MyGerrys (mygerrys.com) came at my rescue. It brings you a whole array of goods, from clothing, cosmetic, to kitchenware, home decor and gadgets.

The products which I shopped from MyGerrys were L.A Girl Glazed Lip Paint in shade Tease, L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in shade Frisky and MISS SPORTY Morning Baby! Cream Blush in shade 001 Pink Flush.

For me guys, the shopping experience from MyGerrys is hands down a hit! The products I bought are a rare sight in Pakistan and to acquire them is such a hassle. After exploring through many Facebook pages which deals in foreign brands, I was very unhappy as they were charging literally double of everything in addition to the delivery costs. Then I shifted to other online portals, there either my desired products were unavailable or were at the high price tags.  Ultimately, everything was getting beyond my budget.

I am happy that I came across MyGerrys as it offers the products at quite a reasonable price as compared to other portals you would find the products at. You’ll come to know why when I’ll mention the prices of the products I bought and trust meee, you’ll be blown away :D.

If I talk about the shipping and handling, the only thing that bothered me was that it did not fulfill its claim of delivering within 24 hours. I got my order after two days to which I was quite surprised and disappointed as I obviously anticipated a 24 hour one. Having said that, my disappointment soon vanished as soon as came across the excellent packaging. I am sorry I couldn’t photograph it, but seriously, it was very well packed. It came in a big envelope-type case and inside the products were securely enclosed in bubble wraps; perfectly taped and wrapped. It took me at least a decade to unpack the things, but C’mon, you can definitely tolerate that for the sake of getting your products fit and fine :D. I find the shipping and handling extremely prompt and safe if I compare it to the Facebook pages and sellers.

Another cherry on the top was is that MyGerrys offers free delivery, YES, you read it right, free delivery and that too without any minimum shopping limit within Karachi. As soon as I read this, I was like whaaaat?
It is a rare thing when you do online shopping, so I was truly elated and couldn’t take in my rabbit teeth in ^_^.

This lazy bunny is ecstatic to see the rise in portals like MyGerrys as it makes this bunny’s life easier and happier and leaves plenty of time to munch on her carrots.
I, hereby, declare, MyGerrys as my go-to shopping spot from now onward. 🙂

I was tad bit occupied, as a result was unable to photograph so here are some snapshots for your convenience of the products I bought. Have a dekko :).

my Gerrys
Image credits: Google, Priced at 675 PKR at myGeryys

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Makeup Revolution London Wow! (Powder) Blush – Review


This January seriously will get me swooned! *sigh*

Anyhoo, lets get to the point! 25th January’16 is the day when I am going to share my first ever blush experience with you guys. *okay I know that was a bit dramatic*

This product comes in a discoid shape and has a transparent lid which gives you that idea in one instant whether or not you want to go with the color with whatever make-up look you have created. It is light-weight, travel-friendly and has a secure tight-closing cover. To me, the packaging is really cute and appealing and the only downside is that it does not contain a mirror.


The pigmentation is really good; one swirl and voila! It gives off adequate product for you to put on and pull of the look. People with fair or wheat-ish complexion will rock this blush. If I talk about its texture, well then it is one finely-milled and soft. It is not at all powdery if you are wondering, and does not give that chalky feeling. In fact, it blends well and pays off a good matte and natural finish. It does not look as if you have tonnes of make-up on. The color pay off is extremely natural and light and if you are sporting that “no make-up, make-up look”, then bingo, this is your ultimate savior.

Now the major point, whether or not it has good longevity, well then the answer is yes! But keep in mind what works for me might not work for you. To be honest, it does not at all fade off me throughout the day. However, it might stay up to good 5-6 hours for you and with a primer on, it’s longevity can be stretched up to a bit longer.

I got mine from http://www.daraz.pk for PKR 225. For such a price, this drugstore brand really did impress me.

Would I repurchase/recommend Makeup Revolution London Wow! Blush?

A big yes! If you are looking for a good quality blush yet with an affordable price tag, then give it a shot 🙂


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