Helios: Femina

Michelle Phan, the Youtube sensation, does it again!

Her long-dreamt project has finally managed to set foot and has taken the viewers by storm. Yes, you can now catch up with her first ever digital comic, “Helios: Feminahere.

Helios: Femina executed around a dystopian (derived from utopia) world brings you Rhea whose ultimate mission is to save humanity. It is most certainly a visual delight and will take you to a cosmic-ride loaded with adventures and twists.

In the era where technology is ruling, join Phan where she takes you to a whole new world of elemental magic and ancient alchemy. With the spotlight on “women empowerment“, Phan is in hopes of bringing a positive change through this comic and I am the biggest advocate of this approach. 🙂

“It was very important to me for the storyline to be centered on female empowerment,” Phan tells PEOPLE of the comic’s underlying message. “By sharing one powerful story, I believe you can ignite a movement and create a positive, supportive community.”

With 5 chapters already out, the 6th one is not too far. Every Sunday, enjoy a new release of Rhea’s journey and support the women power lovelies! 🙂

What to do you think of this comic? I’d love to hear your views in the comments section below. 🙂

Good luck!

Instagram: @linkin.zoha
Twitter: @zoyie23

-Extract from:  http://www.people.com/
-Image courtesy: Google.

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