L.A Girl Lip Glazed Paint in Tease – Review


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So, I was eager to purchase this because of its name, you know this “Lip Glazed Paint” really attracted me. And I got it :D.


The packaging is glazed, as the name suggests. Also some may find it eye-piercing with that retro touch, if I  make sense ^_^. The glossy pink packaging and gold lid makes it easy to identify out of your vanity. I kind of like these sort of packaging, so yeah, I give it full points on that

Just with a paint, you would need several coats of it for that smooth layer. I am not that very happy with the formulation and the train of coats I need to apply for an even layer. At the end, I feel frustrated. Having said that, the color appeal is quite good. The color is very pretty and has the right amount of glossiness.

Coming towards the applicator, I am not at all fond of such slanted applicators. I literally struggle and never ever have I been able to get that perfect lip shape with them. I had to go for a lip brush every time I used this, firstly as it involves quite a few layering and the applicator kind of takes the product away and makes it look patchy and secondly, like I said I could not manage to make the lip shape, in that case, a lip brush saves the day.

Longevity and Scent:
It only managed to last for 2-3 hours. And man, it was disappointing. If you eat or drink a tad bit, it even doesn’t stay up to 2 hours. You would need several touch ups through out your event or whatever occasion.

I have a love and hate relationship with its scent. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it don’t. I think here, mood takes the lead, ha!
Speaking of this, it has a minty scent; I also felt a cooling sensation on my lips for a few minutes due to the ingredient Mentha Arvensis (Peppermint) Leaf Oil which did not mind at all.

Price: Rs: 350 from MyGerrys

-Good color pay off

-Low longevity
-You dislike the applicator
-You need several coats for smooth finish
-You dislike minty scent and the cooling sensation



An All-rounder- Review Post

January 12th! Woah, it took so long to get back here.. *Phew*

It’s been a tough, tough tough week!!! Studies, my aunt’s urgent wedding preparations, exam results, and and and January is Birth-uary for me:D I have a bunch of birthdays of family and friends in this month. So yes, it is frenzy here in my life, at my home 😀

Anyhoo, let’s get to the point 😀 Today, I have this “all rounder” to share my review on. Before I reveal what it is, I’d like to elaborate why I declared it as an “all rounder”. Well lovelies, at such an affordable price you couldn’t ask for more. This is an essential product for almost all the MUAs out there and is ruling the beauty circle. This is my friends our very own “LA PRO Conceal – HD concealer”, *claps* 😀


Just as food is a staple for our body, concealer is a staple for my face if I make sense :P.. I know this was weird :D. Well, I have shade “Natural” as highlighter and concealer and “Beautiful bronze” for contour. And I hereby declare my love for both :D. The “Natural” provides medium coverage and brightens up my under eyes really well and “Beautiful bronze” gives out that perfect chiseled look.These concealers photograph really very well!
If I talk about its formula, its neither too thick nor too thin and I quite like it. It never gives that cake-y appeal under my eyes and upon setting it lasts for quite a time. It has this fluid-like consistency which makes it super easy to apply and blend. Throughout the day, I did not experience it fading out or giving that creased look. I strongly recommend to set it in order to prevent creasing and that sticky feel under your eyes.
If you have got a dry skin, you’ll love it since it has a hydrating formula and does not stick to any of the dry patches.
For contour, do not go overboard while applying the product and do not over-blend it for you will end up having that orange cast on your face. Make sure you apply the right amount of product and blend it well and bingo!

The only downside to this product is its applicator. Though it doles out the product smoothly, it may end up wasting a bit of product every time you use it, so yes be careful whilst squeezing for it takes a moment for the product to come out and when it does, man! you may end up having loads.

All in all, for a price of PKR 620, it is the best of concealers out there in the market. Trust me when I say it won’t disappoint you! 😉

See you next time, Xo!

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