Makeup Revolution London Amazing Beloved Lipstick – Review and Swatch

A few days back, I rejoined the Makeup Revolution and got my second product 😀

A student here guysss, so the makeup beginnings are humble 😛

By the by, you can check out my first try, which was a powder blush and a total hit for me.

Makeup Revolution London Wow! (Powder) Blush – Review

Okay, let’s get started with the lipstick’s review :). This is going to be one hell of a hard hitting one.

Product Claims:

Don a striking and stunning look with this ‘Beloved Amazing’ lipstick from the house of Makeup Revolution London. This lipstick ensures a long-lasting lustre and color. This lipstick will lend you soft, smooth and supple lips.


It dwells in a cylindrical tubing and has a matching lid with that of the shade which I find really amazing, as it makes everything easy; from locating to quick decision making whether you would want to go for the lipstick with the makeup look you have created or not.

My Experience:

I was smitten by the lovely cool toned coral neon-ish pink shade and that’s what compelled me into purchasing it, but to my utter disappointment, my world crashed down as it did not fall upon my expectations. *Sigh*

It is matte formula-wise with extremely low pigmentation. Upon first application, the color doesn’t show at all. You got to literally drag it 3-4 times for color, but then it still appears as patchy, dull and not at all smooth. Lovelies with highly pigmented lips would literally hit their faces on the wall out of sheer annoyance.
Even after you use a balm under it, it just doesn’t work. I really can not tell you guys about whether it transfers or not, bleeds or not because in the first place, the lipstick has to be there on your lips for you to comment on it. And for me, guys, it was barely there.


With flash

It would take you ages to apply this lipstick. Putting and blending it on, both, my friends, are time-consuming and utterly frustrating.


-Poor pigmentation
-Patchy application
-It literally tires you out whilst you apply it

I got mine from and it is priced for PKR 225. Let me know if it worked for you in the comments section below :). Thank you for stopping by <3.

P.s: Had a bad lightning day for photos… .



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Makeup Revolution London Wow! (Powder) Blush – Review


This January seriously will get me swooned! *sigh*

Anyhoo, lets get to the point! 25th January’16 is the day when I am going to share my first ever blush experience with you guys. *okay I know that was a bit dramatic*

This product comes in a discoid shape and has a transparent lid which gives you that idea in one instant whether or not you want to go with the color with whatever make-up look you have created. It is light-weight, travel-friendly and has a secure tight-closing cover. To me, the packaging is really cute and appealing and the only downside is that it does not contain a mirror.


The pigmentation is really good; one swirl and voila! It gives off adequate product for you to put on and pull of the look. People with fair or wheat-ish complexion will rock this blush. If I talk about its texture, well then it is one finely-milled and soft. It is not at all powdery if you are wondering, and does not give that chalky feeling. In fact, it blends well and pays off a good matte and natural finish. It does not look as if you have tonnes of make-up on. The color pay off is extremely natural and light and if you are sporting that “no make-up, make-up look”, then bingo, this is your ultimate savior.

Now the major point, whether or not it has good longevity, well then the answer is yes! But keep in mind what works for me might not work for you. To be honest, it does not at all fade off me throughout the day. However, it might stay up to good 5-6 hours for you and with a primer on, it’s longevity can be stretched up to a bit longer.

I got mine from for PKR 225. For such a price, this drugstore brand really did impress me.

Would I repurchase/recommend Makeup Revolution London Wow! Blush?

A big yes! If you are looking for a good quality blush yet with an affordable price tag, then give it a shot 🙂


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