Youtube Beginnings!

Hi guyssss!


Okay… .after much reluctance, hesitation and what not, I finally gave in and consented for a YouTube channel with the sister dearest OR you can say it’s more or less reverse. We both were equally skeptical. And man, I literally had to hop out of my comfort zone to do this. I have never been this transparent, you see.

We came off from a party, and then quickly sat down; as we came back with a pact which said, “No More Procrastination”. We, the camera and guys, our first SHOT! 🙂

It would mean a lot if you guys could go and give a watch to my first video ever and of course like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!

Let me know in the comments section below of what do you think. Any suggestions or feedback is more than welcome. It’s been such a wonderful experience at blogging and I hope I get to have the same with Vlogging as well.

Sneak Peek: Get to know me a little in the video and let’s be friends forever 😀

To watch: Click Here.



Helios: Femina

Michelle Phan, the Youtube sensation, does it again!

Her long-dreamt project has finally managed to set foot and has taken the viewers by storm. Yes, you can now catch up with her first ever digital comic, “Helios: Feminahere.

Helios: Femina executed around a dystopian (derived from utopia) world brings you Rhea whose ultimate mission is to save humanity. It is most certainly a visual delight and will take you to a cosmic-ride loaded with adventures and twists.

In the era where technology is ruling, join Phan where she takes you to a whole new world of elemental magic and ancient alchemy. With the spotlight on “women empowerment“, Phan is in hopes of bringing a positive change through this comic and I am the biggest advocate of this approach. 🙂

“It was very important to me for the storyline to be centered on female empowerment,” Phan tells PEOPLE of the comic’s underlying message. “By sharing one powerful story, I believe you can ignite a movement and create a positive, supportive community.”

With 5 chapters already out, the 6th one is not too far. Every Sunday, enjoy a new release of Rhea’s journey and support the women power lovelies! 🙂

What to do you think of this comic? I’d love to hear your views in the comments section below. 🙂

Good luck!

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